Secret Recipes

Cookbooks written by Gloria Pitzer, "The Recipe Detective®"

This is a complete list of cookbooks Gloria self-published over the years. If you click on the link, it will take you to a page with information regarding that cookbook. We've also been watching what others who've collected her works now get for them on ebay. Enjoy.

Book 1 - The Secret Restaurant Recipe File Cookbook

Book 2 - Second Helping of Secret Recipes Cookbook

Book 3 - Eating Out At Home Cookbook

Book 4 - Top Secret Recipes Al' a Carte Cookbook

Book 5 - The Secrets of Homemade Groceries Cookbook

Book 6 - Secret Fast-Food Recipes

7. Secret Make Alike Recipes

8. Restaurant Recipe Secrets

9. My Personal Favorites

10. Secret Knock Off Recipes

11. Gloriously Simple Recipes

12. That's The Flavor Secret Recipes

13. The Best of the First 20 Years

14. The Great Imitator's Cookbook

15. The Copycat Cookbook

16. Secret Fast Food Recipes (the 5.25"x8.5" size)

17. Make Alike Recipes (the 5.25"x8.5" size)

18. This is not a Cook Book (the 5.25"x8.5" size)

19. Cook is a 4-Letter Word! (the 5.25"x8.5" size)

20. Secret Fast Bread Recipes (the 5.25"x8.5" size)

21. Sugar Free Recipes (the 5.25"x8.5" size)

22. Mostly 4 Ingredient Recipes (the 5.25"x8.5" size)

23. My Cup Runneth Over (the 5.25"x8.5" size)

24. The Better Cookery Cookbook (the 5.25"x8.5" size)

25. The Joy of Not Cooking Cookbook (the 5.25"x8.5 size)

26. Mixed Blessings: Recipes & Remedies (the 5.25"x8.5" size)